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90 Day Coaching Program


My three month coaching program is great for those who need a little extra help getting started on their journey through detoxification. I will help you understand what your body needs and teach you how to apply the tools you need to remove toxins and lymphatic build up from the body. Every other week we will meet and check in with how you're doing. In these meeting you can ask me any questions, explain how your detox process is going, and we will figure out your next steps together and I will create your protocols based on those conversations. In each call I will ask you how you feel about the pace you are going at and if needed, we can adjust your bi-weekly protocols to fit your needs. 

This is for anyone, at any point in their journey, on any diet. I can help you get on a diet to support detoxification based on where you currently are or if you're already on a diet that supports detox, I can help you go deeper into your process. This is not an only vegan program and I will work with each individual based on their goals.


During our time together, the first month will be focused on opening up the elimination pathways for deeper detox. This is always the first step in cleansing the body. The next month we will set you up with a herbal parasite cleanse for 21 days which will also take care of any micro organism, fungal, viral, and bacterial over growths that are active or dormant in the body. 


In our last month together we will support the body through a gentle lymphatic system focused cleanse that will set your body up for deep lymphatic cleansing. All of these cleansing periods will be followed up with periods of rebuilding the body in a very sustainable way so detox will be incredibly gentle and manageable to fit into your current lifestyle. 

This program now includes before and after iridology sessions to map out your progress during the program. Check out my virtual iridology session page for more info on that but no need to book there since this is already included in the price of the program.


We will maintain accountability to follow the plan we create together to best fit your needs and support you along the way with anything that comes up during your detoxification process. 


  • 6 bi-weekly check-ins, one-hour long sessions

  • 6 bi-weekly diet and herbal protocol based on advice from your Iridology Report

  • Unlimited text message access to me for support, questions, advice, and accountability

  • 1 month parasite cleanse herbal protocol

  • 1 month lymphatic system herbal cleanse protocol

  • 2 before and after iridology virtual sessions

The exchange is $2,400 USD

Payment Plans Available



"I’ve been pretty stunned since my results from Britt.

I cried a few times, it’s only for the glory of the truth facing what I’ve known but didn’t actually see.

I’m thankful for your help and service.

I’m thankful for this experience because I know from discernment that I will truly heal with this information. 

Can’t wait to follow up in a year! -Victoria

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