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Hi! My name is Brittani, and I am a certified lymphatic iridologist, regenerative detoxification specialist, and a mother of 3.


I have been aiding clients on their healing journey for the better part of the last 10 years. I help people reverse chronic illness by taking a deep look into their bodies using iridology and creating a plan of action on a path toward detoxification.


I have been a certified iridologist for the last 6 years, and I'm truly passionate about my work. Since 2017, I have been using natural, herbal, and food-based medicine to reverse my own chronic illness, interstitial cystitis. I became a regenerative detoxification specialist and lymphatic iridologist because I want to be able to bring the life-changing power of detoxification to other suffering people. 


After years of struggling with my own health, I started listening to my body and becoming very aware of how I felt after eating. I made the connection that all health stems from what we put inside our bodies. When I started to see massive improvement in how I was feeling, I became very excited about sharing my experience with others in hopes that they would also find relief from chronic illness.


And the incredible part is, they actually did!


Now, I live a life free from the pain of chronic illness and I guide others in ditching their chronic illness and improving the quality of their lives through iridology analysis, dietary upgrades, and herbal medicine.

For my full story, check out my blog.

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