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I've decided to create an exclusive community server on Discord for everyone who wants to receive support, ask me questions, stay in touch, share information and resources, and be part of an encouraging health-driven community. The community will have a few special features and roles moving forward, such as a Basics of Detox, a 3 month intensive, as well as a Live Iridology Reading Channel, also a 3 month intensive, where I will connect live weekly going over submitted iris photos from selected members and current clients.

It's incredibly supportive, educational, and helpful for anyone on their path of healing or if you want to learn more about diet, herbs, supporting the glands and organs, staying healthy, and having a supportive community. I am very excited for a few reasons, the first being the simple fact that I am extremely limited by what I can share with my following on social media. If I say anything going against the main stream narrative, my account is blocked, limited, or restricted, and that's just not something we should accept nor is it conducive to learning about health or wellness and growing as a community. Secondly, I'm really looking forward to connecting with a community of people that are like minded, focused on health and making healthy decisions in their lives, and holding space for people that really need help on their journey back to health.

At the current moment, we will have one role available called the Hippy role, which will give access to the Discord server. Hippies get access to the private community chat with all other members and I. This includes weekly live video chats, educational resources, Q & A, as well as raw and plant-based recipes. Current and all previous clients get 3 months of free access to the community. If you were a past client for iridology, please reach out to me for a special link to sign up!

If you click the photo below, there is a link to join the HippyBritt Discord Community (you will need Discord installed on your computer or phone as well as an account setup first) and under that is the service I'm using called Upgrade Chat which will allow you to setup your role to gain access to the Community. In the near future there will be upgrades to the roles you can choose from which will give access to the 3 month intensives that I am very excited to offer.


Cant wait to see you all there (:


click the image to get your role

HippyBritt Community guide
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