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One-On-One Session


One-hour phone or video call to discuss the state of your health, your goals, and how you can improve any health concerns you have. This is also a great session for parents to get advice for their children. 

In this session I will ask you the current state of your health and where you would like to see yourself. Then, I will give you suggestions on what you can do to get there and we can talk about how you can start incorporation the suggestions into your daily life. I ask that you come with a list of questions so we can fill up the hour really serving your needs and figuring out how to adjust your current lifestyle to a healthier one.


Bring a notebook and pen because this session doesn’t include a customized PDF write up of advice. If that’s something you’re interested in, I can write up a protocol for you based on our conversation and provide recommendations/resources, for an additional fee. ​

Example sessions I've had for this offering: 

  • Past iridology clients needing more clarity on how to apply suggestions in their iridology analysis 

  • Mothers asking questions on their children's health

  • How to improve the health of special needs children

  • Those already on the detox path needing a little guidance through a certain stage of detox

  • General advice on detoxification for adults and children

The exchange is $100 USD

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