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Iridology Analysis Report

This Is a Personalized Iridology Blueprint of Everything
Happening Inside Your Body

This is for you whether you have a formal diagnosis or are experiencing mystery symptoms that are causing you pain and discomfort. Iridology can give you a deeper understanding in how your body is functioning.

Iridology is a non-invasive tool used to see the condition of the organs and soft tissues within the body. I specialize in lymphatic Iridology which can tell us everything we would need to know about the condition of our lymphatic systems. By understanding the condition of your lymphatic system, organs, glands, and soft tissues, we can determine how well these parts of our bodies are functioning, helping us to find the root cause of the symptoms we may be experiencing.


If you've never had an iridology analysis done, it's a very interesting dive into your body, giving you a lot of clues about the state of your health. If you were ever curious about how well your body is functioning, iridology is a great way to get an idea of how your body is working for you from the inside. This is most valuable for those struggling with mystery symptoms, trying to find a root cause.


My iridology analyses are 25-30 pages long, packed with photos, infographics, and information on various organ systems. I also include possible causes of damage, tips for healing, and solutions. Every iris analysis I provide is marked up so you know exactly what area I'm talking about throughout the whole reading. I also provide a diet and herbal protocol at the end to get you started on your journey right away.


All of my iridology analyses are done virtually with photos of the irises. When you book with me, you will receive and email with instruction on how to take your iris photos.

Iridology analysis reports are tailored to help you achieve your health goals

in the quickest and most sustainable way.


  • One 25-30 page detailed PDF analysis breaking down everything going on in your Iris. This section is​ incredibly thorough with indications and separate photos of each indication explored. I dive deeply into the healing process, degrees of degeneration in each affected organ, and possible causes.​

  • Priority recommendation list for your journey into cellular regeneration.

  • Tips and suggestions regarding diet and supportive medicine.

  • 1 month of herbal recommendations to get you started on the right track.

  • Fungal, bacterial, and parasite removal protocol for the second month.

The exchange is $400 USD

*Turn around time is currently 2-4 weeks after booking your reading*



"Thank you so so much Britt! Your report is the most comprehensive health report that relates to me with every sentence! This is the best money I have ever spent on my health (and I’ve spent a lot!) Thank you from the bottom of my heart! -Danielle

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