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Does your child struggle with chronic health issues?

We've Created This Offering for You!

On April 23rd at 7 pm ESTBecky (@mrs_medicinal) and I will be hosting a webinar for parents, giving you all the information you need to help your child reverse any chronic health issues. This webinar would be appropriate for anyone curious about heavy metal, parasite, micro organism, fungal, bacterial, or viral cleansing as well. 

You can find Becky's story about healing herself and some brief mentions on healing her family here on her blog. For those that don't know, Becky'd oldest son suffered from an adverse reaction to a vaccine when he was less than 2 years old. Through a lot of studying, researching, trial/error, intuition, and the grace of God, Becky & her husband Jeremy were able to reverse his heavy metal poisoning, remove massive amount of parasite/microorganisms, fungus, viral, and bacterial overgrowth and see massive improvements in their son.

Landon is an above average cognitively functioning child now, almost 11 years old, with 0 serious or chronic health issues. Becky will not only share this story with you, but also all of the valuable information she has gained through her experience with healing her son. 

If you are a parent of a child that is chronically ill or has serious health issues, this is the webinar that will change your life and the life of your child completely. The information provided in this webinar is unlike anything I have ever seen in this field of work and we wanted to be able to offer this information at an affordable price so that it is very accessible to a lot of people that are suffering. 

This webinar would also be appropriate for you if you struggle with heavy metals, parasite/microorganism over growth, or sensory issues as an adult. As this information is catered to children, you will have to increase the dosage, but the value is still there for you as well. This would also be a great opportunity for those in the care of elderly people to understand how to support them in a safe and effective way as well.



LIVE class with Becky & Britt over Skype Covering the Following Topics:

- How to start healing yourself & your child(ren)


- How to support the nervous system, endocrine glands, and cleansing the blood/organs

- Heavy Metal, parasite, microorganism, fungal, bacterial & viral cleansing

- What to expect while cleansing 

- Tools for cleansing/detoxing

- 15 Page PDF with all the links to everything you'll need, dosage instructions, and tons of helpful information

- Q & A at the end for those that attend live

- Access to recording of the class to rewatch any time you want



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