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Image by Joanna Kosinska


Are you struggling with your health and don’t know where to begin healing yourself naturally? 

I've Created This Offering for You!

Have you ever attempted a detox without properly preparing your body? If so, you likely experienced the frustration of its ineffectiveness and perhaps even encountered long-term issues as a result.


Detoxing without priming the body's elimination pathways can lead to a backlog of waste, putting pressure on the body's exit routes. This buildup prevents the efficient removal of toxins, exacerbating existing problems and sometimes creating new ones. Sadly, I witness these common missteps far too often, and I'm here to guide you away from them.


Your body's elimination pathways serve as internal exit doors, crucial for expelling toxins. When these pathways are obstructed, toxins linger, contributing to chronic illness. In my webinar, I reveal the pivotal first step in natural healing: unlocking and maintaining these vital exit points.


I cover each elimination pathway individually. Talking about the function of the pathways, which herbs you can use to support and cleanse each pathway, any specific foods that will help with this process, and secondary medicinal practices that you can use to keep these pathways open. 


I also left some time at the end for those that attended live to ask me questions about anything I covered in the webinar, so you can gain more clarity and insight from their questions. 


This is priced low to be extremely inclusive to anyone that needs help and guidance. With compassion for those suffering, I'm committed to assisting as many individuals as possible. 


Ready to Start Healing?

LIVE class with Britt over Skype Covering the Following Topics:

- Information on each elimination pathway

(colon, kidneys, liver, lungs, & skin)

- Herbal recommendations to support each exit path

- Recommendations on secondary medicinal support 

- How to know if your elimination pathways are open

- How to eliminate waste from the body

- How to support the lymphatic system

- Q & A at the end for those that attend live

- Access to recording of the class to rewatch any time you want


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