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How to Do an Enema

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

I had a few people reach out to me and ask for a guide on how to do at home colon cleansing with enemas, so here it is! A full guide of everything you’ll need to be able to do regular enemas at home.

First let’s start with the supplies. Here are the things you’ll need:

  1. An enema bucket. I prefer stainless steel but silicone is okay too. These normally come with instructions which is great!

  2. Whatever you’re going to use inside your enema. I would suggest my Detox Tea or green coffee.

  3. A toilet 😜 obviously, & enough toilet paper to use for a few rounds.

  4. A yoga mat (for comfort while you lay on the floor)

  5. A towel to lay on the yoga mat in the event that there’s any leakage.

That’s really it. Nothing fancy and it’s pretty easy to obtain all of these items.

First, what you’re going to do is heat up your water. My enema bucket holds about 64oz of liquid so I always make 32oz of tea or coffee and mix it with another 32oz of room temp distilled water to cool it down immediately so I can use it as soon as possible. This makes a very diluted tea or coffee and it is perfect for beginners. I normally recommend starting with water only so you can feel the difference between the different options. There's nothing wrong with waiting until your liquid cools to use it at full strength, I'm just impatient :D

I use distilled water because it’s the absolute cleanest water available. Distilled has 0 parts per million of total dissolved solids in the water, that’s what you want. True clean and pure water. I’ll write another blog on this because I could easily go on for days about why distilled water is best, if you want to know more, I have an Instagram highlight on it called 💦💦💦. If you want your own distiller, you can use the code HippyBritt at for 5% off your purchase.

Okay back to enemas, so now you have your liquid ready. Let’s set up your bathroom or whatever space you’re using to lay down on the floor for your enema. First you’re going to lay your yoga mat down for a little extra cushion. This is optional, you could just use a towel if you don’t have a yoga mat. Then the towel goes down. This is also optional, just helps to give more comfort instead of laying on the floor but it’s not 100% necessary. Some people like a pillow for their head too so do whatever you need to feel comfortable, make it work for you.

Then you’re going to set up your enema bucket. MAKE SURE THE VALVE ON THE HOSE IS CLOSED BEFORE POURING LIQUIDS INTO THE BUCKET. 😁 Otherwise you’ll have hot coffee or tea all over your bathroom. Which I have obviously done many times so try to avoid making the same mistake. So, the valve is closed, the hose is connected to the bucket, you’ve got your tip on, now you’re ready to pour.

I like to pour in the room temp liquid first. So I fill half the bucket with distilled water. Then I will add my warm, water, tea or coffee, to the bucket and test the temp with my finger. You want it to be warm but not too warm, it’s super uncomfortable to have hot or cold liquid going into your butt so make sure its just a nice warm temperature but not too warm. You do want warm water because it's more effective for cleaning than room temperature or cold water.

You may have liquid left over, which is fine, you can keep adding it to the bucket until it’s gone. You should be doing enemas back to back. The stainless steel bucket holds about 3-4 enemas depending on how much water you can take in at once. If your colon is empty because you’re fasting or something, you’ll be able to hold more.

I place my bucket on the countertop, you can also hang it from the door handle or something else in your bathroom. You want it about mid wall height because the higher you hang it, the quicker the water will flow out of the tube.

Alright so our water is warm and ready, we have our floor set up and we’re ready to start. Now we want to let the air out of the enema tubing. Point your tip into the toilet or bathtub and open the valve. Let the water run until there are no more air bubbles coming out. When it’s just liquid flowing out of the tube and no air, that’s when you’ll be ready to do the enema.

Grab your tube and lay on your yoga mat/towel. At this point you shouldn’t have pants or underwear on. I take them off when I start so I don’t have to keep pulling them up and down the whole time. Now, you’ll insert the tip of the tube into your rectum. If you need to use coconut oil to make sure it goes in smoothly, go for it. I let a little liquid out of the tube to be able to insert it. Do whatever works for you to get the tube inside you.

When it’s in, you can open the valve. Open it as much as you want, if you go slow it’s easier to handle and there won’t be as much of an urgency to get up and go to the toilet. I let the water flow until I feel the need to release it. Then I close the valve, pull the tube out, sit on the toilet and release the liquid. Sometimes you’ll have wait or lean side to side to really get all the water and waste out. That is perfectly normal.