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Iridology: The Window to the Soul... & So Much More

For thousands of years, it has been known in many different cultures that the eyes work in two ways. Not only do they allow us to bring images and information from the outside world in, but they also allow us to see within the body from the outside. A secret 2-way mirror is only accessible if you know what to look for. Iridology has been utilized to some degree before it was ever a named science.

Evidence shows that using the irises to determine treatment methods has been commonly practiced by ancient healers from Japan, China, Egypt, and Mesopotamia. The "father of medicine," Hippocrates, would also examine the irises for clues about a person's health.

Looking into someone’s irises is normally a deeply personal and intimate connection. You can sense that through regular eye contact. Learning how to read the irises through iridology brings that intensity up a notch by allowing you to see nearly all the inner workings of a person's body. You can see their genetic weaknesses and strengths, the overall state of their body, digestive issues, nervous system sensitivities, and brain health, among many other things.

The most astonishing thing about it is that you can gain all this information in a non-invasive way, simply by looking at someone's irises or a photo of them. Some people can even tell you about your personality type, romantic attractions, or more esoteric things like information from past lives through behavioral iridology.

I specialize in lymphatic iridology. Through my studies, I have learned to read the lymphatic system within the irises to look for genetic weaknesses and toxin buildup that create imbalances within the body. For those that don’t know, the lymphatic system acts as the sewer system of the body, taking the waste from the metabolic processes and flushing it out of the body through the elimination channels (lungs, colon, skin, and kidneys).

The build-up of acidic metabolic waste is the cause of all diseases known to man. Genetic weaknesses and environmental factors also play a role, but only because the quality of the lymphatic system is passed on genetically during pregnancy. If we were all born with healthy lymph systems and organs, environmental toxins would affect us a lot less because they would be processed and eliminated more quickly.

Iridology provides an idea of exactly what is going on inside the body, locating the organs that are struggling so they can be supported with a detoxification-focused diet and secondary medicine like herbs. It’s a diagnostic tool to give you a deeper look at what is going on within.

The body heals all together. You can not cure one illness and keep another. Detoxification is a holistic occurrence. The systems of the body work in unison to remove toxins and old waste.

You can aid the process by realizing where your weaknesses are and adding certain foods and herbs into your diet to support those systems. Iridology is advantageous in that it allows you to pinpoint your weak areas. That alone has personally helped me in so many ways, as well as my clients.

If I hadn’t been introduced to iridology early on in my healing journey, I would have missed a big contributing factor to my personal health issues.

Microorganisms and bacteria living inside my lymphatic system are trying to break down the build-up from old antibiotics and processed foods. That is the case for a lot of us, as life in modern society breeds disease. Even if I didn’t know about it, I would have eventually found healing through fasting and just being on a detoxification-focused diet. But now that I am aware of it, I can assist my body by adding in herbs and other practices to encourage more elimination while I get down to the root cause of the problem... lymphatic congestion from poor diet and lifestyle practices.

My partner had a similar experience when I read for him. He has done a lot of healing work on his physical and emotional body, but he didn’t know that his nervous system was the main concern. We were ab