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Raw Vegan BLT Salad Recipe

Updated: May 23, 2022

Hey friends!

I just got back from my friend Becky’s house in Florida for a week and she fed me so well. Normally while I’m traveling it’s hard for me to find good raw options unless I make them myself but she prepared a bunch of food for us so I could continue to eat a mostly raw vegan diet while traveling. It’s so nice to have friends on the same path 🥰

Since the beginning of 2021 I’ve been transitioning slowly into eating more fats and more varieties of food. In August and December of 2020 I did 2 month long juice fast that started with a 50 & 54 hour water fasts. I did a lot of deep cleansing, released a lot of old crap and got down to 84lbs with the last fast. (normally I’m around 100lbs). That didn’t scare me because I was intentionally cleaning out everything my body had in it so I could start fresh rebuilding on plant based foods.

When I ended my fast I ate fruit for a couple days, then moved into higher fat raw foods. 15 days later I was back at my normal weight and almost a year later I was maintaining the little bit of fat I put on. As I continue down this path, it becomes very obvious to me that rebuilding after fasting is just as important as fasting. I spent a majority of 2019 & 2020 focusing on water fasting and juice fasting. 2021 & 2022 have been about rebuilding and enjoying the progress I’ve made with my fasts.

When I first started all of this, I couldn’t eat tomatoes or chocolate, or drink orange juice. Now I can, and being able to do that is a sign that I have healed enough to be able to tolerate slightly acidic foods. This year I was able to drink only orange juice for 7 & 8 days on 2 different occasions and it was incredible.

Currently my diet is around 60% carbs 30% fats 10% protein. I still keep my protein low because when I increase it, I have bladder flares from the pressure excessive proteins put on my kidneys. So for now, this is what my rebuilding diet looks like, I’m gaining/maintaining weight and feeling incredible!

Alright, that’s enough blabbing! Lets get these recipes! 😜