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Transforming Lives: A Client Testimonial for My Personalized Iridology Analysis

In my personalized iridology analysis, I use this non-invasive tool to assess the health of my clients' organs and systems by analyzing the iris of their eyes. With this information, I am able to provide customized herbal remedies and recommend a plant-based diet to support their healing and detox journey. Herbs are powerful natural remedies that have been used for centuries to promote healing and detoxification. By incorporating the right herbs into my clients' customized protocols, I can help them address specific health issues and support their overall well-being. A plant-based diet provides the body with the essential nutrients it needs to thrive while minimizing the intake of toxins and mucus-forming foods that can hinder the body's natural healing process.

I now feel confident and ready to fully take my health back. No longer do I feel lost and in the dark with no direction. My mind is truly blown by the amount of depth and detail Britt was able to see simply through my irises.

Through this personalized approach, my clients have experienced deep healing, improved energy levels, and a renewed sense of vitality. In this blog post, I am thrilled to share a testimonial from one of my happy clients who underwent my iridology analysis and experienced a life-changing transformation in their health and well-being. Join us in reading about their journey towards improved health, and the positive impact that my personalized iridology analysis, and herbal recommendations had on their life.

"WOW is first and only word that kept popping into my head after only reading the first 3 pages of my Iridology report. I was so excited yet so nervous to finally find out what was going on inside my body. I have been experiencing chronic mystery symptoms for years and am not a big fan of going to the doctor. So, I've basically been stumbling in the dark trying to find answers to the health problems that have been plaguing me.

I'm not against doctors as a whole I just don't want to go to a bunch of doctors to try to get a diagnosis for various issues to only then be prescribed pills for the rest of my life as my only option. I've always been into finding the most natural and holistic ways to heal through diet and lifestyle no matter how challenging and long the journey might be. Though I try my best not to subscribe to fear, I will admit that before my Iridology report I started to get very fearful for my health especially not knowing what was happening to my body. I've tried so many different healing modalities, products, tools and services to no avail.

Purchasing an Iridology reading from Britt is the best money I've spent on my health in a very long time! She gave me so much clarity, comfort and knowledge all at the same time. The Iridology report even confirmed and validated so many things that my intuition was telling me to do. Now I have the confidence and education to keep going and be more consistent day to day.

I've never tried enemas or herbs before so I'm really excited to add both of those things to my health protocol. What I loved most about my Iridology reading is it was so logical and easy to understand all of the information. It is very well thought out and broken down into easily digestible sections that make so much sense. I also loved that Britt included some personal info about her health challenges and what has been helping her along her journey. It made me feel not so alone as it was relatable.

I now feel confident and ready to fully take my health back. No longer do I feel lost and in the dark with no direction. My mind is truly blown by the amount of depth and detail Britt was able to see simply through my irises. I didn't know much about how Iridology works even though I believed in it, and I'm still amazed at how much it can tell about a person's health and what's going on inside their body. I love that it's so easy and non-invasive.

I don't remember how or when I stumbled upon hippybritt's Instagram page, but I am so grateful I did! After reading and binge watching so many of her IG stories, posts and reels, I felt in my heart that she knew what she was talking about as it all resonated deeply within my soul to be true. I'm so glad I booked a reading with her as soon as I was able to. It has already been life changing for me in so many ways.

Britt has this beautiful balance of being direct and honest about issues within the body without sugar coating anything, while also simultaneously being gentle, sensitive and compassionate all at the same time. It was like having a friend hold my hand while I was reading and guiding me down the road to true healing. I finished reading my report feeling empowered and no longer afraid for the road ahead. I also booked an additional 1-hour coaching call to dive deeper into questions about my report that I'm really looking forward to!"

This testimony is one of many I'll be sharing in blog posts to document the power of having a laid out blue print of your journey to health, that you can reference forever. If you enjoyed this, share it with someone you love that is struggling with their health and needs some help. If that's you, I'd love to hear from you! you can send me an email at

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