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10 Tips for Juice Fasting

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

I’m on a little impromptu juice fast with my fiends Jeremy and Tracee so I wanted to share some tips to help you be successful with juice fasting while they’re fresh on my mind.

  1. To be really successful with juice fasting, make sure you always have juice ready and made for yourself when you wake up. Preparation is key! There’s nothing worse than waking up from a long dry fast while sleeping to no juice in the fridge and having to juice immediately. 😅

  2. Drink enough juice! This is really important! Keeping up with your regular calorie intake insures you won’t loose too much weight and you’ll feel good throughout the whole fast.

  3. Wash your juicer immediately after juicing. I know it’s a chore but if you leave it, you’ll have to wash it twice the next day 😂 be kind to yourself and just do it right away after using it.

  4. If you’re going on a long term juice fast, it’s important to get a healthy mix of fruit and veggie juices. Fruits are very astringent and while you absolutely can juice with them long term, it is better to have a balance with some grounding vegetables while juice fasting. I like to mix about 60% of my juice with fruit and 40% vegetables, the juices taste the best for me that way.

  5. Take your herbs to support your organs through out the process. Herbs take our healing power up a notch by proving dense nutrients and support our bodies so we don’t have too many detox reactions. I personally focus on glandular support because any type of fasting can be harsh on the glands.

  6. Allow yourself time to rest. While you’re juice fasting your body won’t be focused on digestion so it will focus more of its energy on clearing out the build up crap inside you. This can make you feel lethargic so if you are feeling the need to rest, do so! You’re doing big cleansing work and that gets tiring.

  7. Keep your mind busy. I normally like to read a novel or binge watch a show while I’m juice fasting so I’m not looking at food or recipies on Pinterest 😂 if my mind is consumed with something while my body is resting, it’s easier for me to not think about the food I’m not eating.

  8. Get excited about your juice blends. When I’m juice fasting I like to juice special things that I normally wouldn’t to keep my excitement levels higher. I’ll try new blends or I’ll go shopping and pick out a fruit or veggie I’ve never juiced before. Keeping myself really interested in the things I’m drinking helps me to not feel like I’m missing out on food.

  9. Lymphatic movement while juice fasting can be really supportive to the elimination process. Deep breathing, sauna, light workouts, stretching/yoga, & rebounding are all great for encouraging lymph to be removed from the body.

  10. Make it fun and get your