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Detox Herbal Tea Breakdown

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Heres a brief break down of the Detox Tea blend so you know the intentions behind it and the purpose of each herb included in the blend. This tea was created to drink as an everyday detox tea. Dr. Morse’s heal all tea was my inspiration but it quickly turned into my own creation after removing the herbs that just don’t taste good and adding in herbs that have an excellent flavor that were more enjoyable to drink.

This is my go to blend for everyday use. I haven’t drank coffee in years but this could absolutely be used as an alternative to coffee. It’s my favorite tea of all 3 of them and the flavor is warming, naturally sweet, and invigorating.

Each herb in this blend is supportive to the detoxification pathways and encourages gentle elimination. It’s perfect for drinking first thing in the morning on an empty stomach to let those herbs be the first thing the cells come into contact with after your nightly dry fast.

Sarsaparilla is the main ingredient and base herb of this blend because of the incredible flavor it has and it’s also supportive to every elimination pathway. This herb has been known to improve the quality of the skin, reduce inflammation in the body, and support the removal of excess bacteria, microorganisms, and fungus within the body. It’s not the strongest anti parasitic herb there is but it is very powerful without the terrible taste of anti parasitic herbs. Sarsaparilla also supports the function of the liver which is the main organ that toxins are cycled through so liver support is extremely important for detoxification.

The next herb in this blend is Aloe. I’m sure you know that aloe is excellent for healing topical skin conditions but it’s also a digestive system powerhouse when you use the roots and dried leaves in a tea. It's been known to help those that struggle with digestive system dist