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Living With and Reversing Diverticulitis

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

I had a call with one of my clients last night. She did an 11 day dry fast recently. She’s been dealing with chronic back and hip pain for years now.

Here’s what her urine looked like on day 5 of the dry fast!

Look at all that lymph waste at the bottom! 5 days in and her back/hip pain was gone!

These are her irises, they’re true brown. They should be the color of the lighter brown areas in her irises.

Overall she doesn’t have too many super concerning things going on, but she does have a genetic weakness in her kidneys, making it harder for her body to eliminate lymphatic waste.

There is a lacunae in her kidney and adrenal gland on the right side. Lacunae indicate genetic weaknesses but also indicate that there’s some cellular dehydration going on too.

She’s done multiple fruit fasts, juice fasts and water fasts but nothing makes her pain go away like dry fasting does. Even with weak adrenal glands she feels great when she does them and always makes sure to re-feed her body and rebuild her reserves for a while before jumping into another fast.

When she starts eating again after her dry fast, she normally has a pain in her lower stomach on the right side so that what our phone call was about yesterday.

To me, any pain in the lower stomach region is normally from something going on in the bowels. Especially if there’s no pain at all while not eating food for extended periods of time. As soon as she starts eating something fiberus like and apple and dates, it’s causing pain.

Some people would blame the dry fast and say that going that long without food causes issues in the bowels because they’re not use to digesting fiber after a period of time not eating. that could be true for extended dry fasts and of course it is very important to re-feed the body correctly, which she did. She broke her dry fast with water for 3 days, moved on to coconut water and tried some fruits after that. So my brain automatically goes to “what’s going on inside the colon?”

So I pulled up her irises to check it out and found this little pocket in the bowel wall. Diverticula. this is the only place in her colon where she’s got a little darker hole like structure indicating a bowel pocket and coincidentally the only place her colon is bothering her.

She told me she’s had several colonics dont and every time she has them, that pain in the colon comes back. That Pain after having the address I’ve colonic cleaning out the pocket makes a lot of sense to me. So all this information pieced together is confirming the bowel pocket is the issue here.

This is what diverticulitis looks like inside the colon.

Diverticulitis happens when there are layers of old waste inside the colon pushing on the colon wall as because the waste is not being eliminated but more waste continues to come into the colon from the food we eat. These little pockets can hurt a lot, and cause bacteria overgrowth in the colon/small intestine resulting in infections if they’re not taken care of.

These also stem from the root cause of the parathyroid not fully being supported so they integrity of the cells is weaker than it should be. our parathyroids are where we utilize calcium which strengthens our cells. The weak places in the colon give way to the pressure of the waste build up and create these little pockets for waste to be stored.

So now that we know she likely has a bowel pocket, what can we do to get that cleaned out so the pain will go away long term?

First we have to look at the irises and see how inflamed the person is in the colon. This person has inflammation and pain for sure but I wouldn’t consider just one bowel pocket super serious. Depending on how inflamed the person is, we will know how hard we have to go on these pockets.

For this person we’re going to start by cleaning the bowels with something less aggressive than colonics, enemas! No matter what you do outside of the bowel cleansing, if you still have waste build up in the colon, it’s going to put pressure on the bowel walls.

Consistent enemas, water based fruit diet and juices are great for this because of the lack of fiber and washing effect they have. If you’re really having a hard time and you’re really compacted, enemas will be your best friend.

If you choose not to do enemas for whatever reason (fear, hemorrhoids, already overstimulated bowels), you can get on herbs like marshmallow, slippery elm, dandelion and cascara sagrada to help flush and encourage bowel movements, while still eating a water based diet.

For those wondering, it doesn’t matter how much water you drink, that’s all great… it matters how much water you can EAT. Cooking your foods remove most of the liquid and hydration inside the food. Which is super counterproductive for trying to hydrate and clean the bowel wall.

The most important part is to be very mindful of what you’re eating. Eating things that take a long time to digest, cause inflammation and easily get stuck inside the pockets is extremely ineffective.

You’ll want to avoid eating things that take longer than an hour to digest because those foods can get stuck in the pockets. Although some animal products, legumes and rice have quicker digesting times, they’re normally inflammatory so it’s best to avoid them all and just focus on fruits and vegetables. Nuts and seeds also get stuck in the pockets so try to be mindful of eating fruits with hard seeds as well.

So now you’ve got an idea of how to eat and get your diet under control. My client is easy because she’s been on her detox game for a while now and knows how to eat for optimal digestion. Now the next step in this is supporting the parathyroid.

The best thing we can do to support the parathyroid gland and really any gland in the body is to get off animal hormones. When you eat animal products, the hormones in meat/dairy disrupt your own hormone production.

There are so many EDCs (endocrine disrupting chemicals) in modern society so you really have to be consciously aware of what you’re using to cook/store food in and what products you’re using on your body. Everything you eat, touch, inhale, or come in physical contact with matters greatly especially what you put on and inside your body.

The next step in parathyroid support is taking herbs.

Im just going to give you a few basics to get you started, if you want a full herbal protocol, send me an email @

Some of these are not nursing or pregnancy safe!



Slippery Elm



Chaste Tree Berry (Vitex)


Gotu Kola


Licorice Root

If you’re struggling with your health, I’d love to guide you. I offer in depth iris readings with custom herbal protocols, coaching sessions, and very limited availability on one on one coaching.

Send me an email and we can get started transforming your health 💕

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please share, like or leave a comment if this was helpful for you!

Peace & Love,



Only a physician can diagnose, treat, and prescribe for illness or disease. I neither diagnoses nor treat disease. Nor do I prescribe remedies.

The human body has the innate power to heal itself. Without this power to self-heal, even the most advanced medications and procedures would ultimately fail. The role of the iridologist and herbalist in this healing process is to consider the client as a whole person and to consult with the client concerning changes in lifestyle, diet, and supplementation of herbs and/or vitamins to foster an increased state of balance and wellness. Thus maximizing the body's self-healing capabilities. Brittani Franczek (hippybritt) encourages and advises customers to seek professional medical advice regarding any illness or disease they are suffering from. Background health information can aid in the process of a holistic, herbal program and therefore can be shared at the time of the herbal consultation. Any concerns about your health and supplementation with herbs or diet should be done in consultation with your physician and a holistic health care provider. Although speculative interactions between herbs and drugs are sometimes publicized, confirmed cases are rare. It is the responsibility of the client to discuss with their physician possible interactions of herbal supplements and medications. Brittani Franczek does not guarantee a specific outcome or result, individual results may vary. Brittani Franczek is not liable for any possible adverse reactions and side effects of the herbal supplements you decide to take. The customer must accept ownership and responsibility for their own health; including negative consequences and positive outcomes.


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