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How to Maintain Healthy Lymphatic Movement

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

The lymphatic system is the main part of the body that harbors waste and toxins. The clogging of this system normally creates chronic pain. As the detoxification pathways become clogged up with foods we’re not biologically designed to eat, the lymph fluid stops flowing freely and starts to sit inside the lymphatic system, acidify and harden over time.

This is the root cause of most diseases. If we don’t have a sewer system flowing freely out of our bodies, waste builds up and creates a slew of issues for us. Most people are literally up to their eyes in old, un-eliminated waste from metabolic processes. In order to remove this waste, our exit paths need to be able to flow freely. No constipation, sweating regularly, no breathing issues (or addictions to breathing in toxins), daily kidney filtration, and a liver that functions well.

If we’ve done the work to open the elimination doorways, we can move on to the next step of removing this waste which is to move the lymphatic system. Here’s how you can do it! These are 5 practices for encouraging lymphatic movement.

Please note that if your pathways of elimination are not open, heavily stimulating the lymphatic system is not advised. The channels of elimination, bowels, kidney, liver, skin, and lungs, should all be functioning well before attempting to deeply remove stagnant lymph. Otherwise you'll just be moving it around your body instead of out of your body.

1.Water Fasting

Water fasting is the single most effective way to reduce lymphatic waste in the body. If vou're really struggling with stubborn lymph or achieving kidney filtration, intermittent or longer term water fasts might be an option for you if you can accommodate for it. Water fasting has been proven to help reduce lymph node size. Ive noticed in my own irises that water fasting has been extremely helpful for me when I was struggling the most with my IC symptoms which were deeply lymphatic related. Water fasting allows the body to have a break from digesting calories. When that break happens, the body can focus on removing build up waste in the lymphatic system. Fasting creates the perfect conditions for the body to heal itself without obstruction.

2. Fruit Based Diet

Since it's not actually possible to fast ALL the time, we also have to be really aware of what we're eating. Fruit is so powerful for the lymph system because it creates the least obstruction. We already know the body heals itself if we create the right conditions. Eating a variety of foods with very high water content that are packed full of nutrients is ideal when we’re trying to move waste from the lymphatic system. These foods cleanse our bodies while also giving us enough calories to easily sustain life. Fruit is the perfect food for cleansing because it's also very astringent so it actually pulls on the lymph system to rid the body of built up waste.

3. Physical Movement

Physically moving your body is an excellent way to remove lymphatic build up.

Rebounding, inversions, yoga, jogging /walking, massage, dry brushing, deep breathing, exercise, etc. are all excellent for getting both the circulatory and the lymph system moving. If you're doing any of these things, the liquid inside your body is likely moving a lot. Imagine trying to clean a dish without the movement action if scrubbing. This is a critical part of getting lymphatic waste out of the body. The lymphatic system uses the breath to help push lymph fluid around the body so getting your lungs going and physically moving the fluid will encourage it to go toward the open elimination paths. Breath work is a huge aid to moving lymph and physical movement allows the body to contract so the built up waste can be flushed out. The more you can get out in fresh air with higher elevation, the better!

4. Herbs

Herbs are some of the greatest lymphatic stimulators available to us. Almost every herb