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Vitamin B-12 Does Not Need to Be Obtained From Animals: Heres Why

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Vitamin B-12 is synthesized by bacteria and is therefore found in areas of bacterial growth, namely dirt and soil. This is an affect of local farming and why its so important to support local farmed produce.

This is the ONLY reason animals have they too consume plants with dirt.

Same logic as protein. People that are on animal based diets are still lacking B12 as well.

Where do I get my protein from? Plants. Where does animal get theirs from? Plants. We must stop filtering our nutrients through someone else's body who got theirs from the plants!! Just go to the source directly. People are overdosing on bad B12 and protein supplements

If we eat nutrient-dense foods daily we never have to question our intake of B12, protein or iron.

▶▶Remember minerals are JUST as important to maintain optimal health. Research the 92 minerals our body is made of…

Herbs & Foods With High Iron Content:

Burdock Root – Rich in iron.

Prepare it as a tea.

Callaloo – Rich in iron. Can be cooked or blended into a shake or added to a raw meal.