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Iridology Series: How to Reverse Sulfur Toxicity

I’m going to show you my irises and talk about sulfur, pancreatic issues, malabsorption and bowel toxicity. Throughout this post I’m going to be addressing the deep yellow/orange areas of my iris. First I want to dive into my own experience with sulfur toxicity and then I will share whats been working for me to remove it.

In this photo, you can see my iris with the overlay on it so you know which areas I’m talking about.

For me, and normally for others as well, the orange color starts from the bowel/colon area and radiates outward. This cloudy congestion is in the lymphatic system of the bowel walls and has infiltrated a lot of areas throughout the rest of my body in its attempt to quickly rid itself of these hot acids. Having an excessive amount of sulfur in your body creates a lot of acidic gas issues. People often experience acid reflux, stomach burning, and an over-abundance of digestive gas. Dr. Morse compares sulfur to hot glue.

The source of my sulfur toxicity is a combination of the massive amount of sulfa-based antibiotics that I was on because my lymph system was clogged and causing infections. When we use antibiotics on a clogged lymph system, we hinder the lymph system's ability to rid itself of waste since it no longer has the micro-organism helpers. I also contribute my sulfur buildup to sulfate-filled self-care products, cleaning products/detergents, and a diet filled with processed/packaged food (sulfites). I also use to eat chicken eggs every day. Eggs are one of the highest sources of dietary sulfur. Sulfur derived medication, products, and foods are very hard on the organs and toxic to the body, especially if you already have excessive sulfur build-up going on.

The orange color in the irises is said to indicate that the pancreas is struggling as well. When the body is trying to remove toxins, it starts with having the mucus membranes try to move things out. If that doesn't work, the kidneys take on the role of trying to help remove the waste. If/when that doesn't work the pancreas tries to help remove the toxins and when it gets bad enough the liver will have to come in to help remove things. The orange color is an indication that the mucus membranes and the kidneys are too overrun with acidic waste and toxicity, so the pancreas is trying to aid the process of removing excessive amounts of sulfur.

A clients true blue irises with sulfur build up in various areas

Throughout my childhood I was pretty sickly, a lot sicker than my kids or my siblings have ever been but when I was younger, that was considered a variation of “normal”. My first dose of antibiotics happened shortly after birth and that’s when my parents found out that I was allergic to whatever type of antibiotic was given. It could have been a sulfa based drug or I could have reacted to the erythromycin resulting in me breaking out in hives. (which also could have been a reaction to the vaccine I received in the hospital, we will never truly know the cause)

As the years went on, I would get the flu every year, despite getting the flu shot. I would normally have strep throat at least 2x a year, sometimes 3. (indicating bacterial overgrowth aka, dirty lymph system) As I got older into my teenage years, bladder and yeast infections were a very common occurrence too. I was on sulfa based antibiotics a few times every year, normally Bactrim, because we had always thought I was allergic to penicillin/amoxicillin. Now, I’m not willing to try either to figure out if that’s the case.

My whole life I have always struggled with digestion and malabsorption, because of the built-up sulfur toxicity in my body. Some sulfur is essential and it doesn't mean that sulfuric foods (onions, garlic, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, etc.) are bad but because of the diet I was eating and the genetic kidney/pancreas weakness I was born with, for me, the sulfur was too much and was having trouble leaving my body. Anytime I would eat those foods I would automatically have a digestive reaction, normally acid reflux. When I was younger I thought I was just sensitive to vegetables so I used that as an excuse to not eat any.

The sulfur build-up caused a lot of bowel issues and because of that, I have always been thin and struggled to keep weight on, no matter what I was eating. Fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, all of it was not good for me at one point. It would burn up inside me and come out as loose orange mush. Diet related constipation when I was younger, turned into not being able to have a solid bowel movement at all in my teenage and early adult years because my colon was so weak, acidic, and filled with the sulfur toxic crap that I was choosing to ingest because I didn’t know any better. I was living off of processed foods because I didn't see a point to putting a lot of effort into making food that would end up hurting me anyway. I took the easy way out as much as I could.

Sulfur wreaks havoc on the digestive system because of the high amounts of uric acid it creates in the body. This uric acid build-up creates all types of issues but they're mostly related to over-acidity and pain within the body. Sulfur inhibits the lymph system because it acts as a sticky hot substance that constricts the lymph system and doesn't allow it to flow freely. Normally the lymph system not flowing freely creates infections and other over growth issues so people that struggle with sulfur toxicity also struggle with systemic fungal over growths. What's the number one thing doctors recommend for infections and over growths? Sulfur-based antibiotics. So it's just a vicious cycle of trying to treat the issues with something that causes the issue to keep reoccurring long term. Life-long customers!

A clients irises with deep orange sulfur hues

When I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis, I had no idea about the sulfur build-up in my body and I believe that is a major cause of my IC symptoms. IC started with feeling like I was peeing fire. Over time that became a dull ache that stayed with me for years. I tried several different diets, herbs, and natural remedies to find relief. When I started to learn Iridology, things started to click and I realized that I needed to change my diet and lifestyle completely to get true, lasting relief. So that's exactly what I did. Over the last 6 years of focusing on eating this way, I've been able to become symptom-free even when eating things that used to be trigger foods for me.

Over time on a plant-based diet and strengthening the digestive and urinary systems by utilizing enemas, herbs, and a truly clean diet, I have been able to have regular bowel movements again and keep weight on. It feels amazing!

(I wrote this in September 2021) : I also don’t have bladder flares as often, only when I choose to eat a whole day's worth of cooked food, which I did as an experiment for 1 day earlier this year. The sulfur build-up and the symptoms are something I still deal with, the burning sensation specifically, but as I’ve been cleaning out this sulfur I’m able to tolerate more and the burning sensation happens a lot less. I know what I’m doing is working because I feel it in my body, and I can see the progress in my eyes.

That was 5 years into my detoxification journey. I felt better within 2 weeks and over those last 5 years, the flares started fading little by little. Sometimes I would go months without having a flare, only to think I was healed, eat a trigger food then be quickly humbled and reminded that these things that took years to build up, also take years to unwind.

My irises

As of November 1, 2022: I've been flare-free for almost a year ( in December it will be 1 year exactly) even with eating a full day's worth of cooked food. I don't deal with any symptoms of the sulfur after the cleansing I've done on my lymphatic system. Now I've started to experiment with sulfuric vegetables and I don't have any of the symptoms I once had.

I still have orange hues in my irises but getting rid of the symptoms of it, tells me that what I'm doing is working. The sulfur and fungal overgrowth are going to be the next thing I start working on. I'll be sharing that in blogs but if you want to follow along, you can do that on my IG or FB stories. For now, I'm enjoying my digestion even with cooked food, not having to always worry about food combining, and being able to keep weight on my body. I'm enjoying being symptom-free and not ever feeling the pain of IC. Now I look and feel healthy. When I was thinner I felt healthy but I still looked unhealthy because of the fasting I was doing to clean the lymph system. Which is okay, and a normal part of the process.

So how did I get my lymph system cleaned enough to not feel the symptoms from the excessive sulfur build-up in my body?

Here are the 5 main things I did to clean my lymph system:

Focused on a Fruit-Based Diet - At first, I didn't like and couldn't tolerate some fruits (especially oranges) I just focused on what I could eat and tried to eat a lot of that. I was never a big salad or veggie person so those came in much later but at first, most of my meals were fruit mono meals, mixed meals of fruit, fruit-dominant juices, and fruit smoothies.

Moved My Lymphatic System - I have always been a busy person even before kids but because of my kids, I am an even busier person now. Moving my body, running around, playing, doing yoga, and working out are some things I have done almost daily over the last 6 years. Moving the lymphatic system is a huge part of trying to remove anything from it. If it can't physically move around the pipes, it cant move out of them either.

Incorporating Fasting - Fasting was something I added into my protocol after years of being fruit dominant plant-based. At first, my adrenal glands were too weak to accommodate for fasting and I was nursing/pregnant/nursing for the first 3 years of my detoxification journey so I was more focused on nutrition and consistently maintaining a plant-based diet. Fasting was a complete game changer for me when I could finally do it. I saw my irises and my pain levels change dramatically after I started intermittent fasting on distilled water for 12-24 hours a day.

Consistently Took Herbs - I didn't start taking herbs consistently until I knew I wasn't dealing with as much malabsorption out of fear that if I took them, I wouldn't absorb them efficiently. But after being consistent with them this past year, they have helped me so much. Mainly anti-microbial, digestive system support, kidney/bladder support, and lymphatic system herbs. Supporting the pathways of elimination has allowed my body to eliminate the sulfur easier than I've ever been able to do it before.

Supported My Glands - The glands are a big deal. The entire endocrine system is where our bodies create hormones that are used to tell the organs how to function. Making sure I was eating enough calories, managing my stress, and supporting my glands with herbs was a huge part of being able to release toxins like sulfur from my body.

A clients true blue irises, this person struggles with systemic candida and sulfur build up.

I share my story in hopes that one day everything I went through can become a survival guide to someone else struggling with the same symptoms I was. I created an ebook on how to reverse IC naturally, that has all the tools you'll need to be able to get started!

I am an example of true healing through lifestyle and diet change. I'm so grateful I kept fighting because there were many times when I wanted to give up. Now 6 years later, I'm proud of my self for mentally and physically overcoming chronic illness. I no longer live with pain, and it's been an incredible experience to be able to do this for myself. I hope you decide to help yourself too!



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