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Toxic Tunnels in Your Gut: Radii Solaris in Iridology Can Reveal the Health of Your Bowel & Brain

Let’s talk about radii solaris, (or radial furrows) which are indicated here with green arrows on these irises.

Radii Solaris look like little dark lines extending from the pupil outward.

Radii Solaris look like little dark lines extending from the pupil outward. These lines are an indication of deficiency in nervous energy. Because of this lack of energy in the nervous system, the toxins accumulate within the body because they aren’t able to easily be released. The toxins are stored in the lymphatic passageways of these effected areas because these areas are genetically weak and lacking the integrity in the cells themselves to keep the toxins out.

When this happens inside the body, it reflects as these deep dark lines in the irises. This is also referred to as "leaky gut" or intestinal permeability. This often happens when the Gl is caked with mucoid plaque & the toxins cannot be released through the bowels because they are clogged up with waste.

Parasites feed on the mucoid plaque and toxins, it's their job as the body's "janitors" to break down waste & remove it, much like earthworms do for compost. So when I see these, I know the possibility of parasitic infestation is likely, unless the person has already been doing extended work to clean up the terrain of their body.

How do we remove the toxins, reverse the damage, & close the radii solaris?

We want to start by cleaning out the toxins & mucus that are already hanging out inside the bowels. This can be easily done by cleaning up the diet and adding a lot of fresh, water based, fruits and vegetables. Steadily decreasing the amount of mucus forming and hard to digest foods in your diet, (meat, dairy, grains, starch & processed foods) and replacing those foods with easy to digest, juices, fruits & vegetables for as many meals as you can. Adding large amounts of hydrating foods to the diet helps to flush the toxins out of the intestines. These foods also have low digestion times.

When we focus on foods with low digestion times, the body is able to spend more time not digesting food. When that happens the body works on digesting what is already built up inside the intestines. This process is called "autophagy" or self eating.

Extending your overnight fast for as long as you can in the morning is always an excellent way to allow your body more time for metabolizing old waste, then breaking your overnight fast with distilled water to flush out everything the body was working on removing.

As far as herbs go, marshmallow root and slippery elm will be your best friends and since this is ultimately a nervous system issue, taking herbs like lemon balm and skullcap will help to support the nervous system so that you can regain nervous system energy and vitality.

When you're ready and your elimination pathways are open, you can start parasite cleansing which will help a lot! Often when our guts are filled with waste, the parasites and microorganisms will multiply and that causes a lot of extra symptoms for most people. We should be cleansing for parasites bi yearly. Especially if you have pets!

In my 90 day program, I teach you how to open your elimination pathways, parasite cleanse, and do a deep herbal lymphatic cleanse so you'll have all the tools you'll need for life to do regular cleansing and keep yourself healthy.

While we're targeting one area of the body, we often will have to support other areas or already be supporting other areas along the way. The body heals itself as one functioning unit that works in harmony, you cannot improve one area of the body and have other areas that don't improve at least a little bit. All you have to do is create the right environment for the body to heal.

I have personally seen a huge difference in my radii solaris after 7 years on this path of balanced and sustainable detoxification.

If you would like to receive a full 25-30 page iridology analysis with all of the information you’ll need on your healing journey, check out the "Let's Work Together" page for my services.

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