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Why Are Certain Foods Better for Detox Over Other Foods?

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Cellular healing is not about demonizing certain food groups. It's about realizing the effect certain food groups have on the body. How quickly or slowly things are digested matters greatly when digestive energy takes away from the energy being used for cellular regeneration.

When you are trying to clean out pipes in your house, like a shower that doesn't drain correctly, for example, you wouldn't put heavy or dense things in the pipes that would further clog them. That would be counterproductive. You put in things that break down what's inside the pipelines, causing them to clog so that things can flow freely.

The lymphatic system works in a very similar way.

When the lymph system is compacted with garbage from years of never giving the body time away from processing heavy, dense foods, that build up creates a clog, and lymphatic clogging is the source of all health issues. Backed up waste inside the body presents itself in whatever unique form it does for each individual based on their genetically weak areas.

Genetically weak tissues do not have the integrity to avoid toxins being imbedded inside them. Toxins go straight for the places they can get into when they cannot be quickly removed from the body because of the clogging effect.

This is what genetic weaknesses look like in the irises.

All of the green arrows are pointing to deep lines inside the iris. These are referred to as radii solaris. They essentially are the lymphatic passageways inside the digestive system that have been stretched because they're becoming full of corrosive acidic waste. Un-eliminated waste sits in the colon and festers. When people say "all health stems from gut health" this is what they're referring to. When proper elimination doesn't occur lymphatic clogging happens and definitely does not feel good.

When you're really compacted and suffering, you should not eat any foods that take a long time to digest. That's not exclusive to any "diet". There are also plant based foods that are not optimal for removing lymphatic stagnation.

This is the reason why the raw vegan lifestyle has worked for so many people with serious chronic illnesses such as cancer. It's not about the foods, it's about the time they take up space inside the body. Raw plant-based foods have very minimal digestion times compared to other food groups. The key is getting yourself as close as you can to fasting. This is where the true healing occurs. When digestion is quick and the body is full of energy that it can use for other processes, the energy isn't focused on digestion anymore. The energy is freed up for cellular regeneration and cleansing/processing what is extra inside the body.

I hope this was informative and helpful! If you thought so, share it with a friend <3

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