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Iridology Series: The Malabsorption Ring

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Thinness, Extra Weight, & Nutritional Deficiencies

Hey Friends 🥰

The next indication we’re going to talk about in this iridology series is the malabsorption ring.

Dealing with excessive thinness my whole life, this is absolutely something I have personally struggled with and successfully overcome. This dark ring around the outside of the pupil, marked with a red arrow, is referred to as a malabsorption ring. This is an indication of interstitial lymphatic constipation, which means built-up waste congested in between the cells of the colon, under the skin. About 90% of the irises I have analyzed have some degree of malabsorption.

This can also be a struggle overweight people deal with as well! The same reasoning behind it, when the colon is caked up with sticky old stuff, the new stuff sticks to it and builds up. No matter which end of the spectrum you fall on, the solution is the exact same.

When this happens inside the colon, the cells are surrounded by densely compacted waste, and they can’t absorb nutrients efficiently. This is when you’ll see symptoms of nutritional deficiencies. Deficiencies can present themselves in various ways: hair loss, tooth decay, low iron levels, excessive thinness, and various other nutritional deficiencies stem from not being able to fully absorb the nutrients you’re eating. You can eat all the nutritionally dense foods that you want, but if you’re not absorbing them, what is it really doing for you?

So how do we reverse this and clean out the caked up lymph fluid? First, you should know if you’re already thin, be prepared to possibly get thinner. Breaking down the congested lymphatic fluid requires us to give the body a break from heavy, mucus-forming foods and flush the lymphatic system with hydrating, astringent foods (fruits and juices) instead. Lighter foods cause us to lose the density inside us, which is actually a great thing. A good way to avoid weight loss is to eat 2500–3000 calories a day in mostly raw fruit and some raw vegetables. If you're not there yet, work up to it for a short amount of time! Eating that much will not guarantee that you wont lose weight. We have to be comfortable with losing the things that are causing the weight issues so in the future we can absorb good nutrients that will stick around.

Fasting is the best way to remove anything unwanted from the body. For those of us that struggle with thinness, this can be a challenge because of the pressure that it puts on our adrenals. This is a great way to accomplish fasting while still getting a good amount of calories. and nutrients is to go on all juice, all fruit, or a mix of juice and fruit for an extended period of time. Eating fully raw is a great option to ease into fasting as well. One fast will not completely fix malabsorption, but over time with consistent periods of fasting, you'll notice you'll be able to absorb nutrients a lot better than before. If you'd like some tips on juice fasting, you can check out a blog I wrote with my tips!

The main reason why fasting is so important is because it allows us to give our bodies a break from processing 3 heavy meals a day, which ultimately adds to the congestion in our colons. Periods of fasting are important, but it's also critical to be aware of what you're eating when you're not fasting. When you are eating, it is essential to eat hydrating foods over dehydrating, mucus-forming foods. Avoid cooked food as much as possible (a couple meals a week is still fine) and foods lacking hydration. So when the body comes out of its resting/fasting period, it's being rehydrated and cleaned with water-based foods instead of adding more lymphatic-clogging foods, which would basically undo all of the fasting work you just did.

This process takes time and consistency, so if you have a thick malabsorption ring, you should know that it is going to take you a while to break down all of this mucus and get it moving. Think of this stuff as hard-dehydrated boogers lining your colon wall. All of it needs to be rehydrated so it can get slippery again and move out.

Enemas are a very powerful tool to use during this process because you are hydrating from both the top end and the bottom end. Even if you aren’t getting water directly into the lymphatic system through the colon, you are still cleaning off the openings of the lymphatic passageways within the colon, making it easier for the bowels to eliminate lymph as well. Consistent enemas over the last 3 years have been a complete game changer for me. If you want to know more about enemas, you can check out my blog post, How to do an Enema. Everything you'll need to get started is in that blog post.

Over the last several years, I've been working on this myself, and I've seen incredible progress with what I'm doing. My teeth, hair, and nails are now strong, and I'm actually able to gain weight!

I hope this was helpful for some of you struggling. If you’d like for me to read your irises and help you overcome your health issues, I have a couple openings for the end of October, you can book here.

Love you all very much 😘

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