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No Stress Herbal Tea Breakdown

Here's a break down of the No Stress Herbal Tea blend so you know the intentions behind it and the purpose of each herb included in the blend. This tea was created to drink as a tool to use for those that struggle with nervous system weaknesses. This tea can be used as a daily nervous system support for relieving anxiety, depression, and it helps in getting quality sleep. Its also great for calming down those little ones and promoting happy moods!

This is my go to blend for my cup of tea right before bed. I notice a huge difference in the quality of my sleep when I add this to my pre bed time routine. My kids also love the flavor of this tea and it really helps them stay asleep all night.

Each herb in this blend is supportive for the nervous system, creates a calming effect, relieves the effects of life related stress, helps with depression, and remove tension from the body. It’s perfect for drinking before bed or any time during the day to help even the busiest person feel relaxed and feel present throughout their day. I also added herbs that support the GI system to increase absorption and soothe the digestive tract for those that struggle with bowel issues from nervous system tension.

Lemon balm has such a great flavor and a ton of benefits so it really brings every blend into complete synergistic harmony. Lemon balm is a naturally relaxing herb that has been known to aid the nervous system, improve sleep, reduce anxiety, and promote overall good moods. Lemon balm also promotes healthy liver function. It aides the liver in cholesterol synthesis and that protects the heart muscles from injuries. Lemon balm is antibacterial, anti viral, and antimicrobial helpful in combating symptoms such as cold sores, brain fog, exhaustion, digestive problems, and a weak immune system.

Skull Cap is one of the main herbs that make up this blend for its exceptional properties for nervous system support. It is a mild relaxant that helps aid anxiety, nervous tension, and convulsions. Its high antioxidant content helps protect the brain against neurological disorders. It also helps to reverse diseases related to the pancreas like diabetes and also relieves high blood pressure. Because of these properties, it also promotes heart health and is an overall great herb to use for the circulatory system.

Chamomile is another dominant herb in this blend. It is widely known for its calming properties and it also has a great flavor. It promotes restful sleep and is commonly used for anxiety. Its also great for gastrointestinal issues caused by nervous system stress as it is a digestive system relaxant. Having the digestive system relaxed is important for healing so that waste can be released from the body. It has also been known to aid with muscle spasms and pain, as it has antispasmodic properties as well as anti inflammatory properties.

Passion Flower is well known for its calming effects. It helps to reduce anxiety and hyperactivity. It's also incredible for promoting sleep and deep relaxation within the body. Because of its calming effects, it helps to also calm the digestive system which is a hugely positive thing for those that struggle with digestive disturbances.

St. Johns Wort is one of the main herbs commonly used for supporting the nervous system. I chose it for this blend because it is unlike the other nervous system supportive herbs, it is one of the main herbs used for depression and has been known to work better than prescription antidepressants. It really helps boost and regulate the mood because it makes serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine more readily available.

Marshmallow root helps restore integrity of the gut lining, beneficial for inflammatory bowel diseases because of its anti-inflammatory properties, including ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. The mucilage properties of marshmallow help issues with acid reflux, stomach ulcers, and heart burn by providing a coating of the inside of the stomach. It’s one of the main herbs used in treating leaky gut. Marshmallow aids in breaking up mucus, reducing inflammation, and killing bacteria. It is very supportive to the kidneys and bladder because it can help increase urination to remove waste from the body and balance fluids. It's also full of antioxidants in the form of flavonoids. Marshmallow is also very supportive to the respiratory system to reduce pain and swelling with its anti inflammatory properties.

Dandelion root is my favorite herb and it’s in every one of my blends for a good reason. Dandelion is a super gentle herb, it’s safe for everyone including infants but it’s also a really powerful herb. It’s supportive for all the path ways of elimination. The skin, liver, kidneys, digestive system, and the lungs are all supported by dandelion. Dandelion is packed full of nutrients, both minerals and vitamins A, C and K. It’s a natural diuretic which encourages kidney elimination, prevents water retention, and also helps control blood pressure.

Slippery elm bark is one of the best herbs to support gut health. It’s very soothing to the GI staring from the mouth all the way through the digestive tract. slippery elm is one of the main herbs known to improve symptoms of constipation, IBD and IBS. It’s a mucilaginous which helps to sooth irritation because it allows the body to create a healthy mucus that protects against ulcers and excess acidity. It helps to strengthen the kidneys as well. It’s high in phenolics, antioxidants, has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. Slippery elm bark contains compounds called phenolics that are a kind of antioxidant that protect against pathogens and oxidative stress.

That is the No Stress Herbal Tea blend in its entirety. Every herb included has its own specific purpose and they all work even better together to provide daily support to the body during nervous system regeneration or to just ease yourself into your detoxification journey. I hope you give it a try and love it as much as I do!


Only a physician can diagnose, treat, and prescribe for illness or disease. I neither diagnoses nor treat disease. Nor do I prescribe remedies. The human body has the innate power to heal itself. Without this power to self-heal, even the most advanced medications and procedures would ultimately fail. The role of the iridologist and herbalist in this healing process is to consider the client as a whole person and to consult with the client concerning changes in lifestyle, diet, and supplementation of herbs and/or vitamins to foster an increased state of balance and wellness. Thus maximizing the body's self-healing capabilities. Brittani Franczek (hippybritt) encourages and advises customers to seek professional medical advice regarding any illness or disease they are suffering from. Background health information can aid in the process of a holistic, herbal program and therefore can be shared at the time of the herbal consultation. Any concerns about your health and supplementation with herbs or diet should be done in consultation with your physician and a holistic health care provider. Although speculative interactions between herbs and drugs are sometimes publicized, confirmed cases are rare. It is the responsibility of the client to discuss with their physician possible interactions of herbal supplements and medications. Brittani Franczek does not guarantee a specific outcome or result, individual results may vary. Brittani Franczek is not liable for any possible adverse reactions and side effects of the herbal supplements you decide to take. The customer must accept ownership and responsibility for their own health; including negative consequences and positive outcomes.

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