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Pregnancy Support Session

Do you need guidance during this very special time of your life?

This offering is for all pregnant women looking for nutritional or gentle detoxification support while pregnant. During pregnancy is the best time for a woman to focus on eating healthy and supporting her detoxification path ways so that she can eliminate toxins and not pass them on to her baby. Its also a great time to get set up on healthier eating habits so that when baby comes, you know how to take care of yourself and your baby!

We will have a one-hour long phone or video call discussing the current state of your health, your goals and how you can improve any concerns you have during pregnancy. I will ask you questions to see where you are with your diet and lifestyle and how we can get you on a healthier, nutrient dense, diet and lifestyle protocol. 

This session is great for first time mothers or mothers who are concerned with nutritional deficiencies/nutritional complications during pregnancy. I can help at any stage of pregnancy!


In this session you will receive:

  • Customized PDF nutritional protocol based on what we speak about during our season

  • Any advice, recommendations, or resources I think would be supportive during your pregnancy

  • Custom herbal protocol for your needs during your pregnancy


The exchange is $200 USD

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